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Documents for Updaters

The following documents are for those updating the KID.

Introduction for Updaters    New KID Updaters need to read this.

Tutorial on Updating People (PDF 680 kB)
Tutorial on Updating Caves (PDF 330 kB)
Tutorial on Adding New Areas & Organisations (PDF 70 kB)
Description of Access Control (PDF)

Area Field Definitions
Article Field Definitions
Cave & Karst Field Definitions
Organisation Field Definitions
Map Field Definitions
Map Series Field Definitions
Person Field Definitions

All ASF Field Definitions    This includes all the field definitions above plus system definitions.
All the Field Value Codes

ASF KID Specifications

Specifications for the ASF's KID can be found in these documents. These are generated on-the-fly directly from the KID.

Article Tables
Cave & Karst Tables
Map Tables
Map Series Tables
Organisation Tables
People Tables
Region Tables

All Field Definitions
All Field Value Codes

We are using some of the following fields.
System Field Definitions
Key-in Batch Field Definitions
Upload Batch Field Definitions
Update Batch Field Definitions

The database tables, fields and field definitions in the ASF KID are based on the International Union of Speleology Informatics Commission's fields and table structures. These can be found at the UIS Informatics Commission (UISIC) Homepage.

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