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Cave and Karst Tables

There are 31 sub-tables. Click on a sub-table below to see it's relationship with the master table for this entity.
CA0007 Cave rock type    CA0008 Cave type    CA0011 Cave development    CA0012 Cave decoration    CA0030 Cave discovery    CA0035 Cave extension discovery    CA0037 Cave species found    CA0041 Cave use    CA0043 Cave damage    CA0046 Cave protection methods    CA0048 Cave importances    CA0049 Cave surface use    CA0050 Cave difficulties    CA0051 Cave prospects    CA0052 Cave hazards    CA0053 Cave comments    CA0055 Cave widest map    CA0066 Cave pitch    CA0069 Cave other names    CA0070 Cave principal name    CA0071 Cave references    CA0072 Cave contents    CA0074 Cave cross-references    CA0075 Fields to be excluded from cave lists    CA0231 Previous cave number    CA0241 Cave grid references    CA0245 Cave exact position    CA0257 Directions to find cave    CA0258 Cave access    CA0439 Cave publishable land unit location    CA0447 Cave latest update   

CA0000: Cave master table   (6955 rows of data)
FID Field Type Null Key Default Extra
227 cave_id varchar(10) NO PRI
1 karst_feature_type enum() YES
9 quantity_of_entrances smallint(3) YES
10 entrance_type enum() YES
2 submersion enum() YES
20 penetrability enum() YES
3 flow_presence enum() YES
4 flow_direction enum() YES
5 internal_flow enum() YES
6 internal_water enum() YES
56 length decimal(10,1) YES
57 length_method enum() YES
58 length_accuracy decimal(10,2) YES
511 vertical_extent decimal(7,2) YES
59 extent_below_entrance decimal(8,2) YES
60 extent_above_entrance decimal(8,2) YES
61 vertical_method enum() YES
62 vertical_accuracy decimal(7,2) YES
63 length_of_largest_chamber decimal(8,2) YES
64 width_of_largest_chamber decimal(8,2) YES
65 height_of_largest_chamber decimal(8,2) YES
67 extent_length decimal(8,1) YES
68 extent_width decimal(8,1) YES
297 length_category enum() YES
527 depth_category enum() YES
21 latitude_coarse decimal(8,4) YES
22 longitude_coarse decimal(9,4) YES
23 map_sheet_name_coarse varchar(30) YES
26 grid_reference_coarse varchar(4) YES
25 grref_qualifier_coarse varchar(4) YES
27 nearest_locality varchar(30) YES
28 altitude_coarse decimal(7,1) YES
29 degree_explored enum() YES
42 owner_type enum() YES
44 management_classifier varchar(8) YES
45 management_category enum() YES
47 controller varchar(8) YES
54 percent_mapped smallint(4) YES
78 entrance_marking enum() YES
13 minimum_temperature decimal(5,1) YES
14 maximum_temperature decimal(5,1) YES
15 minimum_humidity decimal(6,1) YES
16 maximum_humidity decimal(6,1) YES
17 moisture_level enum() YES
228 owner_person_id varchar(10) YES
417 owner_organisation_id varchar(9) YES
418 owner_name varchar(60) YES
229 local_government_area varchar(30) YES
230 update_status char(2) YES
220 country_in_cave_number char(2) YES
18 state_in_cave_number enum() YES
19 area_in_cave_number char(3) YES
77 serial_in_cave_number varchar(11) YES
303 area_lookup varchar(7) YES

  ( rows of data)
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