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Plan or Map Tables

There are 11 sub-tables. Click on a sub-table below to see it's relationship with the master table for this entity.
PL0203 Cave map details    PL0219 Map    PL0368 Further political coverage    PL0397 Further geographic coverage    PL0406 Current map controller    PL0558 Special published sheetname    PL0579 Map comment - replaces PL0218    PL0586 Surveyors    PL0587 Drafters    PL0598 Map publication    PL0601 Caves on map   

PL0000: Map master table   (8723 rows of data)
FID Field Type Null Key Default Extra
map_ID varchar(10) NO PRI
366 map_series_ID varchar(8) YES
202 map_or_sheet_name varchar(30) YES
272 map_subsheet_name varchar(26) YES
10101 map_published_sheet_name varchar(30) YES
271 map_number varchar(25) YES
205 map_scale decimal(10,0) YES
367 map_type char(2) YES
551 map_geodetic_datum varchar(20) YES
552 map_height_datum varchar(20) YES
553 map_grid varchar(20) YES
554 map_geog_coords_shown_YN enum() YES
555 map_vector_version_avail enum() YES
556 map_raster_version_avail enum() YES
370 map_source_country_code char(2) YES
200 map_source_org_code char(3) YES
396 map_source_type char(2) YES
196 map_scope_country_code char(2) YES
197 map_scope_state_code char(2) YES
198 map_scope_area_code varchar(5) YES
274 map_scope_N_latitude decimal(10,0) YES
275 map_scope_S_latitude decimal(10,0) YES
276 map_scope_E_longitude decimal(10,0) YES
277 map_scope_W_longitude decimal(10,0) YES
273 map_latest_update_year varchar(4) YES
557 map_edition varchar(4) YES

  ( rows of data)
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