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Australian Speleological Federation: Latest Changes

Latest Changes

The KID is now Updatable - Jan 2006

Coding to add updating functions to the KID has now finished. Some updaters are trialling the system and getting to know the on-line updating procedure works. We are planning to commence updating of real data in June 2006. Updaters from any ASF organisation, researchers or other interested groups who wish to be involved in updating should contact the ASF.

Cave & Person Updating - Jan 2005

Cave updating was demonstrated at the ASF's Conference in Dover, Tasmania. This is still not completely finished yet but at this stage you can "Checkout" caves or people for updating. All data entered is validated as far as possible.

Added six new searches (September 2004)

Six new searches have been added: Cave Maps, Other Maps, Areas, Articles, Organisations & People.

Commenced adding updating ability to the KID (2003)

Work has commenced on upgrading the KID to make it updatable!!!
This will enable ASF cavers and clubs to update the current information, add new information and make this database even more useful for ASF cavers, researchers and land managers. This is a fairly complex task as the KID will also hold quality information on many of the fields and will maintain a history of the data changes (MRL).

Added a list of organisations to the help page (February 2002)

You can now get a list of all the three letter organisation codes and what organisations they refer to as well as other useful information. For instance: if the organisation is defunct the final year of the organisation may be recorded and the current organisation that holds their records (if any). You will see this new link under the main HELP page as "list orgs" in the quick links [list areas|list fields|list orgs] (MRL).

Zeros in data instead of NULLs are now fixed (21 April 2001)

There are now no longer lots of caves with a temperature of 0.0 When the quoted, comma-separated-data from the DOS based Paradox database was imported into this MySQL database many caves had numeric fields with values of "" ie nothing. In a database a numeric value can't be "" so the database made them 0.0 Lots of caves then ended up with cave lengths of 0.0 metres or temperatures of 0.0 Celsius. This problem has been fixed for all fields of type float. Some integer fields are yet to be fixed (MRL).

New search commands <, > and : for numeric fields (21 April 2001)

You can now use the following characters in advanced searches <, > and : to search for numeric values less than, greater than or within a range.


1. Use min temp [> 10] AND max temp [ < 15 ] to find caves where the minimum recorded temperature is greater than 10 and the maximum recorded temperature is less than 15 Celsius.
2. Use min temperature [ -10:12 ] to find caves where the minimum recorded temperature is within the range -10 to 12 Celsius.

See the advanced help (written by RW).

Searching for negative temperatures is now allowed (09 March 2001)

You can search for a negative temperature, previously this would have resulted in an error message. There is no cave in the database at this time that has a negative temp but if there was the search would now find it (MRL).

Michael Lake


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