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Australian Speleological Federation: About ASF KID

About this Software

This database was developed with open source software. This has allowed the ASF and the software developer to use some of the best software available and to build upon what others have developed before. To give back to the open source community, to further encourage the use of open source, and to assist other speleological organisations, the code of this database is covered by the GNU General Public License.
The data in this database is copyright of the ASF.

The scripts that run the ASF KID are written in the Perl programming language and use numerous Perl modules from CPAN. The database engine is MariaDB. The web server uses Apache running on Linux.

For technical enquiries about the ASF's web-based National Karst Index Database contact the ASF or email Michael Lake at


The ASF-KID web site does not use cookies.

Client-side Scripting

The ASF-KID web site does not use Javascript, or any other client-side scripting.


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