Australian Speleological Federation KID: ASF Field Definitions

Map Series Tables

There are 2 sub-tables. Click on a sub-table below to see it's relationship with the master table for this entity.
PS0574 Further political coverage    PS0578 Map series comments   

PS0000: Map series   (3 rows of data)
FID Field Type Null Key Default Extra
map_series_ID varchar(8) NO PRI
278 map_series_code varchar(12) YES
279 map_series_name varchar(62) YES
372 map_series_abbreviation varchar(12) YES
280 map_series_length_units char(1) YES
373 map_series_scale decimal(10,0) YES
559 map_series_map_type char(2) YES
374 map_series_publisher_ID varchar(9) YES

  ( rows of data)
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