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Documents for Installing & Maintaining the ASF KID

The following documents are for an Administrator installing the ASF's KID or maintaining an existing version of the ASF's KID.

Installation Guide
Maintenance Guide
ModAuthMySQL Install Guide
Perl Modules Install Guide

See the main Documentation area for further details.

Karst Index Database Software and Dataset

Please do not download this software unless you require it and you know how to setup a Linux server with Apache, MySQL and install Perl modules. Read the above installation guides first so you will understand how easy or difficult the installation will be for you. If you are sure you can install the software download the current version of the software from here:
ASF KID Software - version 1.32  

You will also require a minimal dataset. This contains some cave data and also system data that is required by the software. The cave data is just for 75 caves but it will enable you to see that the database works after you install it. The current ASF KID database handles over 6,500 caves. Place this tarball in the asf-kid/model/dumps/ directory. You may have to create the dumps directory. Untar it from within that directory.
Download the minimal data set from here:
ASF Public Data - version 1.32

The code of this database is covered by the GNU General Public License. The data in this database is copyright of the Australian Speleological Federation.

It can take a while to track down all the Perl modules that you need so here are links to local tarballs of all the modules

Note: pay attention to the order of installation of these modules in the Perl Modules Install Guide.

For technical enquiries about the ASF's web-based National Karst Index Database email Michael Lake.

Michael Lake

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