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Australian Speleological Federation KID: Required Perl Modules

This update: 01 October 2006

This document details the Perl modules required by the ASF Karst Index Database. If you install the modules in order, the installs should proceed smoothly as far as module dependencies are concerned.


1. Finding What PERL Modules are Installed and their Versions
2. Downloading and Installing PERL Modules
3. Uninstalling Modules
4. Required Perl Modules and their Versions
5. Notes

1. Finding what PERL Modules are Installed and their Versions

To list what modules are installed on a server type:  perldoc -t perllocal  or look in the site_perl directory which may be either here   /usr/local/lib/site_perl  or here   /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl

2. Downloading and Installing PERL Modules

PERL modules are downloaded from the standard Comprehensive Perl Archive Network site at
The Template-Toolkit can be obtained from either CPAN or the Template-Toolkit homepage at
The version used here was from CPAN at

The README or the INSTALL file will detail installation and usually list any modules that need to be installed beforehand. Modules should be installed the usual way with:

$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ make test
# make install

Do not use the automated MCPAN installation method. It does not work correctly for some of these modules.

3. Uninstalling PERL Modules

This is an example of uninstalling a module. The Apache-DBILogin-1.6 was installed but not required so here it is removed:

Apache-DBILogin-1.6:# ls
Changes  MANIFEST  Makefile  Makefile.PL  README  blib  pm_to_blib
Apache-DBILogin-1.6:# make uninstall
unlink /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/Apache/
unlink /usr/share/man/man3/Apache::DBILogin.3pm
unlink /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/i586-linux/auto/Apache/DBILogin/.packlist

Uninstall is deprecated. Please check the packlist above carefully.
  There may be errors. Remove the appropriate files manually.
  Sorry for the inconveniences.

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4. Required PERL Modules and their Versions

The order in the table below is the order in which they should be installed.

The main modules that are required by the ASF KID are in bold face. Other modules are just required because other modules depend on them. These are in not in bold face and you wil notice that they are listed before the modules they are required for because they need to be installed first. Note however that you may already have some of these modules, for instance DBI is part of most Perl distributions. Don't install a new one unless you have to. The column labelled `Version' lists the version that the KID is currently using. Any later version will probably work.

Mail/ required for Edit
Perl Module Name &
Version used in the KID What it Does and Author
  required by DB::CSV below
1.14 Perl Database Interface
by Tim Bunce
  file Text-CSV_XS-0.23.tar.gz
  required by DBD::CSV below
0.21 Comma separated values manipulation routines
by Jochen Wiedmann
  file: SQL-Statement-1.15.tar.gz
  required by DBD::CSV below
0.1016 SQL parsing and processing engine
by Jeff Zucker
0.1024 DBI driver for CSV files
by Jeff Zucker
  required by URI
2.11 A base64 encoder/decoder and a quoted-printable encoder/decoder
by Gisle Aas
1.09 Implements URI class objects. Manipulate the various components that make up these strings. Includes methods to combine URIs in various ways.
by Gisle Aas
2.12 Interfaces for RSA MD5
by Gisle Aas
  required by HTML::Parser
3.03 Contains data tables useful in dealing with HTML. It provides no functions or methods.
by Andy Lester
  required by libwww-perl, libnet
3.26 Parse and extract information from HTML documents
by Gisle Aas
Net::Libnet (in Net) TODO - CHECK !
  Net-Libnet-0.01_03.tar.gz OR libnet-perl_1.19-3_all.deb
1.12 A collection of Perl modules which provides a simple API to the client side of various protocols i.e. ftp, pop etc.
by Steve Peters
libwww-perl (in HTTP) TODO CHECK !
5.48 A collection of Perl modules which provides a simple API to the WWW and provided as a Debian package.
 Apache-DBI-1.04.tar.gz OR libapache-dbi-perl_1.04-0.1_all.deb
0.10 Combined (which provides authentication and authorization) & (which provides persistent database connections)
required by Template Toolkit
1.52 Reads config files and parses command line arguments.
2.12 Persistence for Perl data structures.
by Abhijit Menon-Sen
Template 2.10 The 'Template Toolkit' processing system.
PDFLib 5.03 Routines to produce PDF

(RedHat package template-toolkit-2.14-74621cl.i386.rpm may be an equivalent.)

(RedHat package perl-libwww-5.805-1tr.i586.rpm may be an equivalent.)

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The following Perl modules are not required for the ASF KID. I have included a list of them here as their names are similar to Apache::DBI which is required.

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