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Introduction for New KID Updaters

The Mailing List for Updaters

There is a mailing list for KID updaters or those that are interested in the KID updating. The list is open for anyone to subscribe. The idea is that this list can be used by State Coordinators and updaters to ask questions and it's also to this list that I will post things like, what's working or what's not working on the KID, when any downtime is anticipated, and any help that updaters need etc. It's also the best place to post something if you think there is a bug in the software or your having problems understanding something.

    To subscribe send an email to:
    You will get an email back asking for confirmation. Just hit reply to that email.

    To make posts to the mailing list email:

    To unsubscribe send an email to:

Obtaining Updater Access

You will need a login name and a password for access to the test KID. You will need to go through your State Coordinator and get permission to be an updater for specific areas in your state. If you are having problems though in this procedure contact me as some states have no State Coordinator. My email can be found on the About this Software page.

The information that I need to create a login for you are:
    Your name and contact details (including an email address).
    Your organisation.
    Your state and areas that you will be updating.

Once I have the go-ahead from your State Coordinator and the above details I will setup the login and email you with the details.

You will also need a checker to check your updates. A checker is just a second updater. Updates are not committed to the database until they are checked by another updater. The usual procedure is that each updater would check the others updates.

The Software

Finally, here are some things that you need to know about testing and and familiarising yourself with the KID updating software.

There are two databases; a production database accessable at which we are not updating yet, and a development or test database at (i.e. the production system is on port 80, the test system is on port 8080).

The test database can be used to familiarise yourself with updating procedures and the use of this software. You can update caves, maps, organisations, people and areas. Do not worry about changing the data or making mistakes. The data in the test database is just a copy of the original data from the production database. However, although it is just test data you should still try and limit your changes to the same caves, maps, areas, organisations and people that you would be updating in the real, production database and make sensible and realistic changes to the data.

There is some preliminary documentation at to help you get started but it's a first draft only. The tutorials are in PDF format so they can become printed documentation once they are finalised. There is also reference documentation on the field definitions and code in HTML format. Help in writing this documentation would be welcomed.

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